X-Ray Vision Puts The Smackdown On IEDs

On Today’s Show:

  • Autonomous river boats could soon be used to make hot extracts, deliver resources, and perform surveillance.
  • AeroVironment develops a green drone that uses solar power and can operate for up to 9 hours on a continuous flight.
  • Area 51 is finally acknowledged by our government.  Was this the right thing to do and what is to be gained?
  • There is a new chip being developed that can be used in smart phones and detects explosives.  Best of all it only costs one dollar per copy!
  • B-1 Bomber crashes in Montana.  Luckily the pilot and crew ejected safely.
  • HUD announces a cash infusion into the VA program.  In my opinion it’s still not enough.
  • Listener questions
  • Strange News
  • islanddude58

    Quin- great show. JT just letting you know, Gays do twinkles after they do  the dirty. Yeah I found that out by talking to Quins gay friends, so be careful hahaha. Just a question/request, can you get James Woods on the show? He is a bad ass actor for real. He is busting up twitter on current events for the guys in green. Just saying it would be a hot show, and lots of current events to talk about. JAMES WOODS follow him on twitter @RealJamesWoods One of Hollywood’s good guys.

  • Diana Gnadinger Cecil

    Just listened; it’s AWESOME!

  • Kyle Doyle

    Digging it during my evening PT right now. Outstanding work fellas. I need to ship JT an IPA care package….Miller?! Lol

  • MarkCarlson

    Man this show just gets better and better!  I admit I was wondering if there was a SNAFU at Chairborne Studios (the reason for the long beak) but all is well. I have to say the the audio quality is VERY GOOD. I also wanted to say that I love the tech stories. Some times I wonder who dreams this stuff up. Crazy! Now we will be able to send “drone” type naval assets by air and sea to demolish enemy targets and support allied forces world wide. That thought leaves me wondering when we will develop a “drone” type heavy weapon/heavy armor for ground forces? Just keep up the good work, I am enjoying a cold brew from Schells Brewery in New Ulm, MN. tonight. Cheers Mate!   Mark from IOWA (on the annual plan)

  • ChairborneRadio

    Sam_Patrick_67 BTW arguably the best looking twitter profile on the net. Me and JTCHAIRBORNECOM need to kick it up a notch.


    ChairborneRadio Well I have to admit Sam_Patrick_67 is the most handsome man I know. Def the most interesting man in the world

  • Sam_Patrick_67

    ChairborneRadio JTCHAIRBORNECOM and here I was jealous of JT’s profile pic. I am ridiculously good looking.

  • Ron Durham

    We really enjoy and appreciate the effort you, JT and crew put into the shows! The vets down here around Ft Benning need this and SOFREP providing the latest and greatest. JT, we even have a twinky factory just out the gate. No gator balls for us though…I’m sure Quin is trying hard to quit. Rangers Lead The Way

  • Bill Autrey

    Looking forward to hearing the new show. Have it down loaded on the phone and will listen on my long drive back to work. NICE!