US Army May Ditch Camo Improvement Effort

On today’s show:

  • Ohio class submarines will make the shift to electronic drive.  The submarine will also see and “X” shaped stern and a few other technologies borrowed from the Virginia class.
  • Grease Bastard and Joseph Fernandez both make surprise calls into the show
  • US Army may ditch camo improvement effort in favor of existing multi-cam pattern.
  • Israel and U.S. disagree on the proper course of action with Iran.
  • Three Global Hawk drones will be sent to Japan to monitor N. Korea.
  • Harvard and MIT researchers use quantum computing to bind protons and make saber like devices.
  • Strange news
  • Listener Q and A.

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  • Danny

    can we get a link for that state gun lists?

  • themightyquin
  • five-seven

    “Light sabers and tier one units” I burst out laughing

  • Jean

    Excellent show, as always. You and JT really help me pass the time at work.
    Also, I wanted to ask if you will still be doing SOFREP Radio? Their last few episodes that were without you are rather dull.