US Army M4 Replacement Goes Bust

On today’s show:

  • breitlingUS Army favors aging M4 over H&K and many other top manufactures.
  • Breitling builds a second generation emergency watch.
  • Taliban offer to free Sgt. Bowe Bergdhal in exchange for five senior operatives imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay.
  • Obama asks Russia to participate in nuclear cuts.
  • 3D printer technology now being used to manufacture aviation parts.
  • South Korea buys bunker-busting missiles from Germany.
  • Listener questions.
  • Strange news.

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Chef From North Korea – (Right click and save as to download)

  • StormR

    Popping in to just say howdy and tell you how pleased I am to be on the team – and invisible behind-the-scenes.  JT, you are way too humble about your writing skills.  There I was, all tucked in cozy in my Hobbit Hole, freshly sharpened Red editing pencil at the ready and eager to get on with it..and along came your wonderfully written article needing very little from me!  
    Great radio show, as always.  I’ve got to wander off now and figure out how to get the red pencil marks off my computer screen.


    StormR  thank you for your kind words! Hopefully I can maintain the set standard!

  • Nick Cat

    What an EYE opening episode…!!!

  • wvbalrog

    Quinn, do you know if when the military was looking at different manufacturers assault rifles, were they also considering changing to the 6.8spc?

  • Chairborne Commandos Radio

    wvbalrog There was no mention of 6.8 in the reports that I read.  It was my understanding the Army was looking at the traditional “M4″ platform and wanted to see if they could develop a more reliable weapon system.  Maybe JTCHAIRBORNECOM has some additional info?

  • TeamklrDefensiveConcepts

    It is a shame that LWRC and some of the smaller companies were thrown out of the competition. The LWRC M6-IC was the absolute best of the group. This rifle was leaps and bounds better than the HK416 or the FN SCAR. At least LWRC is now marketing it to the public (minus the IR absorbing paint of coarse)