The NSA – America’s Favorite Spy Factory

On today’s show:

  • Chris Kyle Company LogoPrism and the NSA spy games. There’s so much more than meets the eye… just wait America, it’s about to get ugly.
  • Mobile optical detection system now lets US forces know if they are being watched. The software contains advanced algorithms that can quickly detect optical devices on the battle field.
  • New legislation has been introduced that would require all DOD to settle on a common camouflage pattern. Is this the right call for our Military?
  • China hacks into more US weapon programs after Obama reported giving them a stern warning. Looks like China, along with the rest of the world, don’t take this administration seriously.
  • Russia makes a big announcement by taking a new attack submarine to sea trials and also launching a spy satellite.
  • Trained honeybees now being used to detect land mines in the Balkans.
  • Strange News!!

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  • Mark Carlson

    Looking forward to listening to it today!

  • John Donoho

    On target

  • Mark Carlson

    John is right! On Target. JT’s audio was a little low compared to yours Quin. Yet it works very well!Damn good show!I think JT is a good fit.

  • Chairborne Commandos Internet Talk Radio

    We gotta work out the kinks and the audio problem is my bad. There is still plenty of work ahead!

  • Ron Durham

    Quin, JT… great show and thanks for the props (AlaBAMA). Your responses to listeners are great little threads themselves because we all have our game history… and you’ve got access to everyone’s highlight reel.

  • Old PH2

    I’m enjoying JT, glad he’s onboard!  I think that new laser dohicky probably works off of the Secondary refractivity of the internal optics. Lenses always reflect light back but loose light due to the internal reflections.  The Laser dohicky probably measures input against output and decides between window and optic.  Just my guess tho…

  • Diana Gnadinger Cecil

    Great show! Keep ’em coming!

  • Chairborne Commandos Radio

    Old PH2 Hey buddy!  Fantastic explanation. Glad to see you’re patrolling the murky waters and keeping this show on track!


    Old PH2 @Diana Gnadinger Cecil @Ron Durham  thank you for the warm welcome, be sure to keep listening for some more awesome news and information we will be having on upcoming shows!

  • Nick Cat

    Co-host format is great. Gets better and better all the time… Bring on Secret Squirrel and Big Frank…!!