Former Ranger And Youtube Sensation MBest11X

On today’s show:

  • Matt former Ranger and man behind MBest11X.
  • US Navy is updating the LCAC Platform
  • Senate Intelligence Committee suspects Snowden of being a Russian Spy.
  • UK military cutbacks now affect long-term partnership with US.
  • Tier One Summit updates
  • Grease Bastard shares the latest from the Shot Show.
  • Listener Q&A
  • Strange News

US Navy’s final alternative fuel demonstration for this year is a great success with the algae-derived, hydro-processed algal oil and petroleum F-76 blend in a landing craft air cushion (LCAC) transport vehicle. The test also marked the fastest speed achieved to date by a U.S. Navy surface craft using alternative fuel blends, as LCAC 91 reached 50 knots. The fastest speed demonstrated on the 50/50 algal blend in previous tests was 44.5 knots by the Riverine Command Boat (experimental) (RCB-X) in October 2010 at Naval Base Norfolk, Virginia. With this the Navy has shown that they can achieve more than 50 knots on the water and Mach 1.7 in the air — all on biofuel blends.

  • Andy

    Chairborne is off for a week and Ukraine erupts into anarchy. Coincidence?

  • Hugh Victor Merkle

    First heard you with Sofrep, to bad that didn’t work out but love to hear you still killing it here, good on you quin

  • themightyquin

    Thanks! Chairborne has always been my deal and now we have more time to focus on bringing the best possible show to our audience.

  • Matt

    Huge fan quin. Was bummed out you left Sofrep, you definitely made the personality of the show but pumped to find your work over here.

  • themightyquin

    Matt – welcome to the party! One question, what the hell took ya so long to find us?

  • UpstatePirate

    Quinn, what mix was the song before strange news, I know it was a remix of put your hands where my eyes can see, but which one?

  • themightyquin

    The song is called Buffalo. I don’t know which mix version? My audio library is pretty much a disaster area. I come from the CD generation so much of my audio was imported from discs and didn’t get properly labeled during the migration. Most of my songs don’t have names and many don’t have album covers. It’s a real cluster but it’s got all the old music I like. I hope that helps.