Former Ranger And Youtube Sensation MBest11X

by The Mighty Quin on January 27, 2014

On today’s show:

  • Matt former Ranger and man behind MBest11X.
  • US Navy is updating the LCAC Platform
  • Senate Intelligence Committee suspects Snowden of being a Russian Spy.
  • UK military cutbacks now affect long-term partnership with US.
  • Tier One Summit updates
  • Grease Bastard shares the latest from the Shot Show.
  • Listener Q&A
  • Strange News

US Navy’s final alternative fuel demonstration for this year is a great success with the algae-derived, hydro-processed algal oil and petroleum F-76 blend in a landing craft air cushion (LCAC) transport vehicle. The test also marked the fastest speed achieved to date by a U.S. Navy surface craft using alternative fuel blends, as LCAC 91 reached 50 knots. The fastest speed demonstrated on the 50/50 algal blend in previous tests was 44.5 knots by the Riverine Command Boat (experimental) (RCB-X) in October 2010 at Naval Base Norfolk, Virginia. With this the Navy has shown that they can achieve more than 50 knots on the water and Mach 1.7 in the air — all on biofuel blends.

  • Andy

    Chairborne is off for a week and Ukraine erupts into anarchy. Coincidence?

  • Hugh Victor Merkle

    First heard you with Sofrep, to bad that didn’t work out but love to hear you still killing it here, good on you quin

  • themightyquin

    Thanks! Chairborne has always been my deal and now we have more time to focus on bringing the best possible show to our audience.

  • Matt

    Huge fan quin. Was bummed out you left Sofrep, you definitely made the personality of the show but pumped to find your work over here.

  • themightyquin

    Matt – welcome to the party! One question, what the hell took ya so long to find us?

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