Joe Teti And The OODA Loop

On today’s show:

    • Bradley Manning wants to serve his time at Leavenworth as a woman.  He’s also expecting the Army to pay for hormone treatment.
    • We discuss the potential war in Syria.  It’s the complete overview that you don’t want to miss.
    • Testing is now officially underway for the new JLTV.  It’s a 14 month process that eventually leads to one company securing a contract for 55,000 units at $250,000 dollars each.
    • Joe Teti talks training, Dual Survival the television series, gun ammo, and the OODA loop.
    • Operation shave like a man
    • iTunes reviews
    • Strange news

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  • hotvixie2

    For me the cost doesn’t matter it’s for our vets. But then there are people that woun’t pay a high price

  • Chairborne Commandos Radio

    hotvixie2 We will keep the price down.  It’s important that we give back to the fans.  My concern was having a T-shirt that wasn’t American made.  The win is that it will be supporting a veteran business.

  • Diana Gnadinger Cecil

    Downloaded and ready to go!

  • Daniel Voges

    I havent been able to listen yet. Has he been asked about the stolen valor charge against him?

  • Jason May

    Great show as always guys. JT-damn glad you found some Sweetwater! Also, I have a couple GruntStyle shirts and they hold up just fine under my abuse. Comfy too, highly recommend.

  • Chairborne Commandos Internet Talk Radio

    Jason- that’s actually the company we were talking too. Guess the cats out of the bag?

  • Muskrat

    It’s almost impossible to find goods made in America anymore. If we had the option of buying the same quality product made in USA versus overseas, it would be a no-brainer. I think what you are considering is the best possible choice under the circumstances, the profits are going to our vets.

  • Ryan Marshall

    I would deffinately recomend GruntStyle shirts. Own a few of rhem my slef and they hold up well

  • wvbalrog

    My comment is immaterial to the show but I just saw something that Quinn would be interested in. Go to youtube and search for a video named “Full Auto Gauss Gun”. It is a prototype hand held rail gun.